Animal shelters

Animal sheds, sheds and large-area tarpauling garages are mobile, maintenance-free and almost immediately ready for use. Whether to protect horses and other farm animals from adverse weather outside the pasture, as well as stored feed or agricultural technology.

Are you looking for a bird feeder, a little dog, a dog house or a shelter for a horse ? All these and other shelters for animals can be found in many different shapes and sizes. And as well as tarpauling halls for storing food or agricultural and other techniques. Just choose.
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Kennel for dog 2x2m without floorBestsellersGift for freeKennel for dog 2x2m without floor
561 GBP 411 GBP
Dog hat 2x3m without floorBestsellersGift for freeDog hat 2x3m without floor
747 GBP 543 GBP
Kennel for dog 2x2m with floorBestsellersGift for freeKennel for dog 2x2m with floor
666 GBP 486 GBP
Dog hat 2x3m with floorBestsellersGift for freeDog hat 2x3m with floor
869 GBP 633 GBP
Garage Gemma 23.8m2, 390x610cmBestsellersGarage Gemma 23.8m2, 390x610cm
1 114 GBP 679 GBP
Shelter for Gatria horses 300x610cm 18m2BestsellersGift for freeShelter for Gatria horses 300x610cm 18m2
607 GBP 333 GBP
Shed for Zeta 3x6m horseBestsellersShed for Zeta 3x6m horse
2 715 GBP 2 049 GBP
GONZO 3x6 mBestsellersGONZO 3x6 m
351 GBP 248 GBP