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Shed for dog insulated 80x50x50cm
  • Shed for dog insulated 80x50x50cm
  • Shed for dog insulated 80x50x50cm
  • Shed for dog insulated 80x50x50cm

Shed for dog insulated 80x50x50cm

Producer:One Trade
Availability:an average of 14 days
Guarantee:2 years
Isolated dog huts consist of a metal zinc plated frame, 3 cm polystyrene and 3 cm insulation. The roof is tiltable, removable, with galvanized sheet metal or board. All the corners are protected against occu- sion. The 5 cm feet keep moisture away from the ground. The floors are treated with mold and moisture. 

Best Selling Insulated Booths for Dogs:
  • Isolated shed 80 x 50 x 50 cm
  • Isolated shed 100 x 70 x 70 cm 
  • Isolated shed 120 x 80 x 80 cm
  • Isolated shed 130 x 80 x 80 cm
  • zoned shed 160 x 90 x 90 cm
The desired size, including the exact price, can be found in the tab on the right. When ordering, choose the size you want. 

Booths for dogs are transported throughout the Czech Republic through the courier service. Chambers are designed for self-assembling. Chambers are supplied as assembled.

The right dog shed size:


The rigid metal frame made of galvanized steel guarantees resistance to weathering and the overall stability of the shed. Frame construction is without sharp edges.


The walls of the dogs isolated either consist of 19 mm board, 30 mm polystyrene insulation and 3.5 mm thick sooly. The total wall thickness is 52.5 mm. The interior walls are smooth and can be easily cleaned. Floorboards are treated with a colorless paint against mold and moisture.


Isolated sheds have a removable insulated roof for easy shed cleaning. The roof insulation is 30 mm polystyrene. Roofing is made of galvanized sheet metal. The roof is flat.


The floor consists of 30 mm polystyrene insulation and 14 mm thick chipboard. Moisture protection from the ground provides 5 cm of foot.

Entrance and partition

Wind protection is the partition that is inside the shed and separates the space of the bedroom and the hall. The partition and the entrance are covered with zinc-coated galvanized sheet.

Prices of huts and accessories are HERE .


Benefits of an insulated shed

  • Protection against moisture and cold 5 cm feet
  • Perfect weather protection
  • Easy cleaning of the shed
  • Removable roof
  • Insulation in all walls including floor and roof
  • Glove protection with zinc plated sheet metal
  • Solid metal frame and legs
  • Floors treated with mold and moisture with colorless paint
  • The total wall thickness in isolated 52.5 mm
  • Isolated or weatherproof bulkhead
  • Booths for all breeds of dogs
  • Stable and durable design
  • Long life
  • Made in the Czech Republic
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  • Shed for dog insulated 80x50x50cm
  • Shed for dog insulated 80x50x50cm
  • Shed for dog insulated 80x50x50cm
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