Garden furniture

-43%Garden furniture Polaris 4+442 GBP254 GBPDetail-36%Aluminium seat assembly Acropus 4+569 GBP363 GBPDetail-33%Aluminium seat assembly Astana 6+943 GBP634 GBPDetail-20%Storage box Optimus159 GBP127 GBPDetail-49%Relaxation lounger for 2 persons Minkar303 GBP154 GBPDetail-8%Garden relaxation lounger with ochr.sítí Almaaz200 GBP185 GBPDetail-38%Skat table + 6 chairs Syrma380 GBP235 GBPDetail-44%Aluminium lounger Nashira297 GBP165 GBPDetail-36%Aluminium table Lesath613 GBP393 GBPDetail-49%Garden sets Cordoba graphite gray +564 GBP290 GBPDetail-32%Aluminium seat assembly Asterion 4+617 GBP417 GBPDetail-36%Garden sets Benet4548 GBP353 GBPDetail-36%table Groseto371 GBP237 GBPDetail-33%Garden sets Castor 4+544 GBP363 GBPDetail-16%table Segin73 GBP61 GBPDetail-18%Folding table Skat85 GBP70 GBPDetail-23%table Subra73 GBP56 GBPDetail-30%chairs Syrma50 GBP35 GBPDetail-6%Folding table with benches Sirius109 GBP103 GBPDetail-50%Wooden lawn chairs Beid pine149 GBP75 GBPDetail-28%Wooden garden chair mahogany Betria145 GBP105 GBPDetail-18%Wooden garden chair Bahamian mahogany127 GBP104 GBPDetail-26%Wooden garden table mahogany Capella366 GBP271 GBPDetail-23%Aluminum stacking chair Nunki47 GBP36 GBPDetail-62%Aluminum stacking chair Nihal189 GBP72 GBPDetail-45%Aluminium adjustable seat Navi98 GBP54 GBPDetail-30%Stackable chairs Antlia83 GBP58 GBPDetailAdjustable armchair Andromeda109 GBPDetail-55%Wooden garden table Spica pine297 GBP133 GBPDetail-37%Wooden garden table Spica sofa - Pine345 GBP217 GBPDetail-3%Wooden garden swing Oliva pine250 GBP242 GBPDetail-15%Wooden garden deckchair Baten pine156 GBP133 GBPDetail-25%Wooden garden set Vega471 GBP354 GBPDetail-26%Wooden garden arrangement sets of 2 + 3526 GBP388 GBPDetail-19%Wooden garden kit sets 6+798 GBP647 GBPDetail-13%Wooden garden set Almach 6+1 052 GBP918 GBPDetail-46%Garden sets Shami 2+312 GBP167 GBPDetailAdjustable chaise Merlo61 GBPDetail-43%Garden table Moreno166 GBP94 GBPDetail-32%Balcony assembly Presso248 GBP169 GBPDetail-25%Nice garden set brown cappucino +798 GBP598 GBPDetail-20%Booster Little Red 6ks45 GBP36 GBPDetail-19%Booster big red 6ks113 GBP91 GBPDetail-24%Lounger with parasol Morgan359 GBP272 GBPDetail-19%Rocking bed with a parasol - Mandarine537 GBP435 GBPDetailArmchair HOLLS Alto Confort435 GBPDetailArmchair HOLLS Alto Comfort Plus656 GBPDetailGarland - Viken garden furniture set (2x seat, 1 bench, 1 table)298 GBPDetailGarland - furniture Skeppsvik degradable garden table169 GBPDetailGarland - furniture Skeppsvik garden table102 GBPDetail
Garden furniture is something that no pergola or gazebo can do without, favorite places for family meetings and relaxation. Whether you use garden furniture for yourself or in a close family circle, or have a frequent and fancy party, you will definitely choose. The offer includes wooden , metal and rattan furniture. If you are looking for cheap garden furniture , try searching for products from the cheapest.