Garden furniture

Garden furniture is something that no pergola or gazebo can do without, favorite places for family meetings and relaxation. Whether you use garden furniture for yourself or in a close family circle, or have a frequent and fancy party, you will definitely choose. The offer includes wooden , metal and rattan furniture. If you are looking for cheap garden furniture , try searching for products from the cheapest.
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Assembly Naos 6+BestsellersAssembly Naos 6+
393 GBP 226 GBP
Garden furniture Polaris 4+BestsellersGarden furniture Polaris 4+
456 GBP 262 GBP
Storage box LaventiBestsellersStorage box Laventi
175 GBP 74 GBP
Storage box OptimusBestsellersStorage box Optimus
164 GBP 131 GBP
Pizarro table 115x70cmActionShowroomExhibit discountsPizarro table 115x70cm
149 GBP
table GrosetoOur tiptable Groseto
382 GBP 244 GBP
Aluminium table LesathOur tipAluminium table Lesath
633 GBP 407 GBP
Garden sets Shami 2+Our tipGarden sets Shami 2+
322 GBP 172 GBP