Metal garden furniture

Are you looking for metal garden furniture that is attractive, maintenance-free and lasts for years? Choose from a wide range of metal tables , chairs , as well as entire metal garden sets or chairs . Do you want to save? Do not miss the selected metal garden furniture at the sale.
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Assembly Naos 6+
Assembly Naos 6+
393 GBP 226GBP
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Assembly Naos 6+BestsellersAssembly Naos 6+
393 GBP 226 GBP
Garden furniture Polaris 4+BestsellersGarden furniture Polaris 4+
456 GBP 262 GBP
Pizarro table 115x70cmActionShowroomExhibit discountsPizarro table 115x70cm
149 GBP
table GrosetoOur tiptable Groseto
382 GBP 244 GBP
Aluminium table LesathOur tipAluminium table Lesath
633 GBP 407 GBP
Garden sets Shami 2+Our tipGarden sets Shami 2+
322 GBP 172 GBP