Garden houses, chalets, gazebos and year-round wooden houses

-14%Garden house XXL 237x295 cm408 GBP352 GBPDetail-20%Garden House economist Albert1 665 GBP1 332 GBPDetail-15%Garden House economist Laura2 460 GBP2 079 GBPDetail-19%Modern Garden House with side annex2 706 GBP2 198 GBPDetail-17%Garden house XXL 242x313 cm517 GBP431 GBPDetail-12%Garden house Medium 253x2181 cm325 GBP285 GBPDetail-28%Garden House economist Felix835 GBP599 GBPDetailGarden house GAH 327 to 191 x 171 cm green276 GBPDetailGarden house GAH 529 to 277 x 191 cm, gray386 GBPDetail-27%Garden house Luka economist3 405 GBP2 479 GBPDetail-14%Garden house with plaster of various sizes2 835 GBP2 441 GBPDetailGarden house Duramax 2.5 m2 RIVERTON - wood imitation266 GBPDetailGarden house Duramax TITAN 4.7 square meters - anthracite369 GBPDetailGarden house GAH 884 to 277 x 319 cm, gray530 GBPDetailgarden house ARROW DRESDEN 54 green191 GBPDetail-14%Garden house with plaster of various sizes1 312 GBP1 129 GBPDetailCorner shelf 2pc56 GBPDetailLong shelf 3pc101 GBPDetail-20%Large shelves 5pcs151 GBP121 GBPDetailroof struts ARROW 106/108/1010110 GBPDetailroof struts ARROW 1012156 GBPDetailARROW AK100 anchor set in concrete34 GBPDetailARROW AK4 anchor set into the ground54 GBPDetailFloor base ARROW 108/101080 GBPDetailFloor base ARROW 101293 GBPDetailFloor base ARROW 86/10663 GBPDetailFloor base ARROW 54/6542 GBPDetailGarden house ARROW PT 64 green237 GBPDetailGarden house ARROW PT 84 green271 GBPDetailGarden house ARROW PT 104 green339 GBPDetailGarden house ARROW PT 64 gray237 GBPDetailGarden house ARROW PT 84 gray271 GBPDetailGarden house ARROW PT 104 gray339 GBPDetailGarden House DIY LIFETIME 64181 053 GBPDetailGarden house GAH 1092 - 311 x 351 cm green547 GBPDetailGarden house GAH 407 to 213 x 191 cm, gray319 GBPDetailGarden house GAH 706 to 277 x 255 cm, gray460 GBPDetailGarden house GAH 1300 - 340 x 383 cm gray678 GBPDetailGarden house GAH 1085 - 340 x 319 cm gray584 GBPDetail
Garden houses are an important part of every good garden. You will find affordable houses, metal houses and premium garden houses made of plastic or plaster, where you store almost anything from tools, garden furniture or bicycles to mowers. The widest offer of garden houses in the Czech Republic at . Check out yourself and take advantage of pre-season discounts.