CarportsRSZ aluminium carport

Primary characteristics

  • Aluminum construction
  • Japanese production
  • 10 years warranty
  • Modern design
  • Widely variable system
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SpecificationsTechnical information

The RSZ series aluminium carport with increased load capacity is suitable for areas with poor climatic conditions; it can handle heavier snow cover. The product is available in a wide range of sizes. The shelter is a self-supporting construction that does not need to be anchored into a building. The aluminium shelter construction is made of anodised aluminium. It is roofed by glass-like of solid lexan. The roofing has excellent insulation properties, providing 100% UV (UVA) and 75% IR (UVB) protection. The carport is the only one in the Czech Republic certified by TÜV. It is not a Chinese copy but a Japanese original with a 10-year warranty.

You can choose your carport from a wide range of sizes. It is possible to design a variant wholly tailored to your requirements. We deliver the shelters without assembly, or, if you are interested, including turnkey assembly throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The price of the assembly depends on the type of shelter and its method. The installation can be done in two ways, either by directly concreting into a trench or by using steel flanges anchored to chemical anchors set in a pre-prepared foundation.


Length: 510 cm - 580 cm

Depth: 240 cm - 300 cm


Aluminium construction is available in silver or grey colours.


Polycarbonate is notable for its properties. It can withstand snow cover of up to 600 N/m² (90 kg/m²). An effective UV filter protects your car against dangerous sun rays.

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