Modern aluminum carports are available in several variants: for one or two cars or as a row parking space. Thanks to easy installation, they are ready for use within a few hours. The roof is made of polycarbonate, this material is extremely suitable for outdoor use. It guarantees durability, strength, unbreakability, safety, maintenance-free and UV protection.

Thanks to our custom production, we will create a completely customized carport for you. We are able to implement a variant based on the dimensions and type of car. We can also handle a caravan or delivery. The height of the structure can be adjusted during the assembly itself and always depends on your preferences. You can choose the color design from the wide range of RAL swatches.

ModelSelect model

PJR aluminum carportAluminum shelter in simple processing, protective filter against UV radiation, Japanese qualityPrice from: 1 770 GBP2 241 GBPPJR aluminum carportAluminum shelter in simple processing, protective filter against UV radiation, Japanese qualityPrice from: 11 316 GBP14 324 GBPPJF aluminum carportAluminum shelter with polycarbonate, low price, variant for more carsPrice from: 3 540 GBP4 481 GBPPJR MJOINT aluminum shelterAluminum shelter in a special design for two cars, anodized aluminum constructionPrice from: 5 394 GBP8 299 GBPPJR INLINE aluminum carportElegant shelter for two cars, Japanese quality, certified materialPrice from: 5 394 GBP8 299 GBPKARAVAN PJRAluminum carport for PJR caravan, various sizes, 10-year warrantyPrice from: 5 331 GBP6 748 GBPPJR YJOINT aluminum carportAluminum shelter for two cars, Japanese quality, certified materialPrice from: 5 394 GBP8 299 GBPFINE ROAD with aluminum carportAluminum carport suitable for roofing public roadsPrice from: 2 326 GBPKWC DOUBLE aluminum carportLuxury variant for two cars, anodized aluminum construction, full lexan roofPrice from: 10 886 GBP13 779 GBPU-STYLE aluminum carportUniversal aluminum carport, many design variantsPrice from: 4 788 GBPPJR XXL aluminum carportAluminum carport for three cars, premium Japanese qualityPrice from: 12 186 GBP15 425 GBPMLR aluminum carportInteresting shape of the aluminum shelter construction, 10-year warranty and installation throughout the Czech RepublicPrice from: 2 896 GBP3 665 GBPRSC aluminum carportAluminum shelter with full lexan roofing, variable dimensions, Japanese qualityPrice from: 5 374 GBP6 802 GBPKCRW KARAVAN aluminum carportGenerous aluminum caravan carport, Japanese quality, certified materialPrice from: 11 446 GBP15 680 GBPTRIP KARAVAN aluminum shelterAluminum caravan shelter, self-assemblyPrice from: 4 833 GBPDINA PORT II VD aluminum carportLuxury aluminum carport, designed for higher climate zonesPrice from: 5 802 GBP7 345 GBPSNOW SKY aluminum carportLuxurious aluminum shelter, suitable for higher climate zonesPrice from: 8 194 GBPRSC DOUBLE aluminum carportDesign shelter for two cars, Japanese premium qualityPrice from: 13 179 GBP16 682 GBPDINA PORT II VR DOUBLE aluminum carportLuxury aluminum carport for two cars, Japanese qualityPrice from: 11 271 GBP14 267 GBPDINA PORT II VDS aluminum carportLuxury aluminum carport, Japanese qualityPrice from: 6 189 GBP7 341 GBP

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Technical specifications

The aluminum carport exceeds mainly with its variability. The length of each profile can be selected due to your preferences. The construction itself has been enriched with an anodizing process, which ensures higher durability and longer life. The roofing was made of solid lexan. This higher quality type of polycarbonate attracts with its appearance and mechanical properties.

Thanks to the UV filter, it can handle even strong sunbeams. Maximum car protection is guaranteed. The aluminum carport can be chosen from a large number of types. The basic division depends on whether it is anchored to the house or not. If you have more cars, you can buy an a special type.

In this case, further possibilities open up due to the choice of the shape of the roof. Both YJOINT and MJOINT designs will captivate everyone with their design. Carports can also be used as pergolas for the garden or space for storing tools and other equipment. This construction finds a number of applications in various industries.

The advantages of aluminum carport
  • Long stability
  • Wide offer 
  • Endurance
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Elegant design

BenefitsWhy carport of our brand?

  • Everything tailored - to be fitted for your house
  • Own production - we produce our own carports
  • Aluminum construction - the quality, endurance, easy maintenance
  • Customer service - the customer is in the first line
  • Wide offer - everybody finds his product

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