The main advantages of the building system

  • Energy efficient
  • Low air penetration by SIPs panel constructions. This reduces the temperature fluctuations in the structure where the very high thermal resistance of the "R"
  • Humidity inside buildings does not affect the thermal resistance of the structure in the perimeter panels
  • There are no openings or cavities in the SIPsCZ panels, resulting in no heat leakage, air conditioning. Compared to insulation from bulk materials, glass or mineral wool, SIPsCZ panels do not have vertical air circulation
  • Unlike wooden or steel structures, brick or concrete blocks, the SIPsCZ panels, due to the high surface area and number of joints, do not create unnecessary loss of thermal bridges.
  • The SIPsCZ building module is resistant to rodent and insect infestation (for animals the foam is indigestible).

Reasons for System Selection

  • Cheaper housing - an average of 20% compared to brick houses
  • Construction speed - housing already 8-12 weeks
  • Healthy housing without allergens, fungi and formaldehydes
  • Save energy - save up to 70%
  • Ecological construction - Wood is a recyclable and renewable resource
  • Year-round building season - weather minimizes construction
  • Dry building process - construction does not have to freeze (does not contain water)
  • Larger area - 10% more usable area (due to wall thickness)

As one of the few you will be able to explore up to 7 different types of family houses including mobile homes in one place. 
At the demonstration center in Tehovec, you have a unique opportunity to compare several different building technologies. You can choose between an assembled system of building insulation panels, concrete prefabricated houses, sandwich brick houses or other building technologies. You can make your own idea of ​​which of the building systems is best for you.

All 7 houses are seen after a previous agreement in Tehovec, which is only 2km away from Říčany near Prague. 
Arrange a meeting right in the demonstration center , where we will try to find the most unattractive solution together.
We build all houses on a turnkey basis according to individual requirements. You can choose from these building technologies.
Our specialization is the construction of ground-floor family houses as well as mobile year-round houses.
  1. Mobile house for year-round housing Superior series in size 40m2 from SIP panels More about house HERE
  2. Assembled ground floor house Hobbytec in the size of 60 m2 of SIP panels. More about the house HERE
  3. Mobile home of 40m2 of high strength concrete from the German manufacturer Rekers. More information HERE
  4. Mobile office 36m2 from panel prefabricate. More information HERE
  5. The family-run house of the Lyra series with a surface of 250m2 made of cement-brick bricks. More information HERE
  6. Ground-floor family house Axor series of Sendvix bricks in size 94m2. More information HERE
  7. Luxury prefabricated family house of 350m2 series Largo made of prefabricated panels. Tour HERE

More information: 840 810 810 or

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