MagazínPreparing chainsaw to cut

Proper preparation saves chainsaw sawmill own effort and provide the necessary power saws.

April 11, 2017
Proper preparation saves chainsaw sawmill own effort and provide the necessary power saws.


Preparation fuel mixtures

A suitable ratio of gasoline and oil is specified by the manufacturer in the operating chain saws. In almost all cases it is a normal gasoline with an octane rating of 95. Oil which is added to gasoline, oil is designed to chainsaws. This type of oil has a very good lubricating ability, its disadvantage is its poor solubility in gasoline. It is therefore desirable to provide immediate fuel mixture before using the saw and the mixture in each canister Shake. It is not advisable to use other types of oil.

Pouring the mixture into a chainsaw

Before pouring fuel mixture into the tank saws, it is necessary to first cleanse the area around the filler saws from impurities. The mixture is needed to chainsaw pour funnel with a sieve. It is undesirable to mix spilled over saw. This would be the gasoline after a while and evaporated to an oil which remains on the surface creates a fine saw sticky layer to which is adhered impurities. This can lead to clogging of the ribs and the cylinder to local overheating cylinder and a piston, which may cause a seized motor.

Oil to lubricate the chain

When refilling the fuel mixture is supplemented with oil for lubrication of the saw chain. We use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer saws, arrange in a long lifetime of the saw chain.

Check before working with a chainsaw

Before starting work, find out if it works automatic lubrication of the saw chain. Hold the saw with a revolving chain against a tree trunk or the ground, and after a little while to be visible to the end rail oil spill. If not, it is probably in the chain lubrication error and can not start with a chainsaw work. If the saw chain is sufficiently sharp, it is not necessary to push the saw and the cut is desirable to pull the saw chain circulating.