MagazínCare of pool water

Clean, clear water is essential for a healthy domestic use of the pool.

April 5, 2017
Clean, clear water is essential for a healthy home use of the pool.


Principles for the safe operation of the pool

One of the main principles is thorough and regular monitoring of pool water with regard to local conditions. These conditions mean many users pool, as well as local climatic conditions.
Periodically therefore, we monitor the pH, water hardness, pressure gauge filter device chlorine level and water temperature.

What is pH?

pH or hydrogen potential maintain the ideal range from 6.8 to 7.4. From this value depends on each subsequent care of the water. The pH of the pool water, we find using litmus paper or drip testers. Preparations pool chemicals to maintain optimal values ​​for convenience also referred USE OF THE signs pH- or pH +. They may be in liquid, powder and granular form and can be dispensed either directly or via dispensers.

What is hard water?

Water hardness reflects the content of dissolved oxides of calcium, magnesium and others. These oxides increases the possibility of water contamination in the form of undesired turbidity or deposition of salts on the walls of the pool. Water hardness monitor using drip or tablet testers. The hardness of pool water should not exceed 18N is necessary to proceed to correct using water softeners.

Chlorinated water

Some individuals complain that they do not indicate chlorinated water, but the chlorinated water flows in front and from the normal water supply system, hence in the optimal chlorination of swimming pool water and maintaining the level of chlorine in the range of 0.3 to 0.5 mg / l should not experience problems. Medicines for the treatment of water used is usually sodium hypochlorite containing 14 -17% of active chlorine. Currently, however, chlorine is not the only oxidizing agent that is used to pool chemistry. Who wants to chlorine avoided completely, bets on the treatment of pool water with chemicals produced oxygen-based salt, bromine, or other special organic substances.


Control of water in the hot tub or swimming pool provide at least 1 month. If necessary, of course, more often. Control depends not only on the water temperature, but also many pool users.


Do not forget that even the best pool technology for water treatment, nor the most economical or strongest chemicals replace simple basic hygiene rules. Before entering the pool or hot tub thoroughly rinse. It is therefore advisable to have near the pool or hot tub installed solar shower, the traffic is very economic issues.