Tarpaulin mobile garage for car

Tarpaulin garages are a cheap and easy way to provide car protection, motorbike wintering or stockpiling. Their waterproof cover sheet made of woven polyethylene - with increased resistance to rupture - keeps the interior dry even in the rain and protects the car even from other weather conditions. The stainless steel tubular steel construction allows the garage to be quickly and easily assembled or re-assembled at any time. Therefore, the sailing garage is in contrast to the walled mobile , which guarantees fast and easy mobility of the object. 
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BestsellersGarage Gemma 23.8m2, 390x610cm
1 041 GBP 634 GBP
BestsellersGarret Giedi 370x760cm 29m2
1 222 GBP 973 GBP
BestsellersGarage floor Grus 370x910 cm 34m2
1 476 GBP 1 142 GBP
BestsellersGRUMIUM 5,4 m²
272 GBP 174 GBP