Winter Gardens

If any standard winter gardens are not suitable for any reason, we come with custom productionWe make the winter garden according to your wishes and requirements. You can play with dimensions, types of glazing (polycarbonate / glass) and their color, choose the type of walls (fixed / open), etc. Combine, invent, create the winter garden of your dreams. If you do not feel in any area, starting with design, over focus or assembly, "fully qualified", we will be happy to help you. Complete turnkey realization of the winter garden will save you time and worries.
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BestsellersGift for freeWE SELL 4,25x2,95 m
6 745 GBP 4 527 GBP
BestsellersGift for freeOne Trade® IDEAL 6,8x3,5 m, sliding roof
13 355 GBP 8 827 GBP
BestsellersShowroomOPENSPACE, with glass without frame
9 054 GBP 8 148 GBP
BestsellersNewsShowroomHAPPIN, with glass
8 654 GBP 6 922 GBP
BestsellersGift for freeOne Trade® IDEAL 6,8x3 m, sliding roof
11 462 GBP 8 941 GBP
Our tipSMILE, open
3 174 GBP