Typical project of a family house

Bet on certainty

When building a house you definitely do not have to go without a complete project documentation, which is ready for the construction and contains everything, without which you simply "do not kick" for the first time in the country. Our type projects are delivered in premium quality in five varieties (copies). Everything is printed with a watermark, so even tears of joy or momentary construction depression of the project will not hurt.

Typical family house projects include:
  • building and architectural solutions
  • a technical report describing the structure of the house and the use of individual rooms
  • technical indicators (dimensions, areas)
  • technical solution of all constructions
  • technical specification of materials
  • solution of ceiling construction, staircase and roof
  • insulation - against water, thermal, sound and radon
  • Specification of wooden elements
  • architecture and statics project
  • fire report
  • projects of crafts ie wiring, sanitary installations and heating

Even construction does not have to prepare for a quiet sleep - with quality projects you eliminate catastrophic scenarios
The technical solution of all the structures is virtually scattered in projects from us in order to meet the usual standards and maintain long-term functionality. The technical report contains the material specification of the floors and details of all surface treatments are defined. There is also a calculation of the consumption of materials for different roof and roof variants as well as the masonry budget. Combined with the bullet statement, this is your effective weapon against dishonest traders.

The drawings contain the standard information prescribed by Decree 499/2006 Coll. in the wording of amendment no. 62/2013 Sb. on building documentation. In addition, each has a definition of boundary conditions of use, for example, for types of foundation soil.

We avoid problems - we also solve the details
We do not neglect even the smallest details, even in the floor plans. In the floor plan, we remember every detail. An example of this may be fire-proof modifications around the fireplace and exact specification of chimney flue. Even you are tested several times by practice and use. In the drawings we remember the coordinated positions of individual structures and devices.
In addition, the technical report contains a description of building cuts that complement the graphical information on the roof and floor layers.

Design details that we have solved:
  • connecting the roof to the perimeter walls
  • installing ceilings and translations above window openings
  • door insertion including thermal bridges with heat insulating materials

Details are also prepared:
  • drawings of floor plans and cuts
  • detailed listings of joinery and locksmith products
  • plumbing products

For a better idea, all listings are accompanied by a graphical representation of individual products. There are also technical and orthogonal (vertical) views with the division of facades and their structure.

We certainly do not underestimate the statics and the fire-safety solutions
The section called building and construction solutions includes mainly static and fire-safety solutions. Static calculations are essential for safe home use. The documentation is once again detailed, so the builder can easily estimate the exact construction costs.

Thoughtful processing of the profession guarantees the quality of the construction
All parts are processed in such detail that individual wiring and technological devices can be realized immediately. All documentation of individual technologies is coordinated to avoid unpleasant interference of some distributions and their unsightly and functionally defective interference.

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