SunroomsTHERMOSLIDE warm sunroom for year-round use

Primary characteristics

  • Aluminum construction
  • Swiss production
  • 2 years warranty
  • Modern design
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SpecificationsTechnical information

The year-round THERMOSLIDE sunroom is a highly thermally insulated system, enabling sliding without lifting. The panels slide easily over high-quality stainless steel; it’s a perfect combination of large glass surfaces and thermal insulation.

The THERMOSLIDE sunroom is excellent for enclosing living spaces wherever quality living is the main criterion. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of protection from wind and inclement weather. Large-format sliding wings provide you with a unique unobstracted view.


THERMOSLIDE is made of durable aluminum frame, which is complemented by glass up to 62 mm thick. The used triple glazing is an ideal solution for a frame system with an interrupted thermal bridge, which ensures perfect insulation and a favorable climate in every season. This whole system can be accessorized with opening in sliding or folding design. It depends purely on your preference.


We offer four color shades. You can also choose any RAL color at an additional cost.


• Sliding system without lifting the panels with insulating seals at the top and bottom

• It is possible to provide a complete removal from the corners or to supply an all-glass design of the corners

• Stainless steel guide rail and castors for easy movement in all directions

• Can be combined with fixed panels

• Glass thickness up to 62 mm

• Possibility of different colors for interior and exterior

• Barrier-free access to the floor thanks to the flat lower rails

• Available in safety class RC2

• 1 or 2 tracks, double-sided shift and fixed panel

• Lock control available

We manufacture and assemble sunrooms to order. Before we make them, we take all measurements and then customize them based on customers wishes. Contact us for an exact pricing or send an inquiry form. Offer processing is non-binding.

QuestionsFrequently asked questions

Does the sunroom have to have foundations?Yes, every sunroom must be built on solid and level ground. The ideal variant is to lay a baseplate or at least a perimeter base strip.Will you make my sunroom tailored?Yes. We can produce all types of sunrooms completely tailored to your requirements. Besides, before the actual production, we perform precise measurements directly at the customer's place.How long does the assembling take?We can build most sunrooms within 2-3 days. Of course, it always depends on the overall design of the building. In more complicated cases, the deadline may change depending on the complexity of the realisation.What is the difference between a cold and a warm sunroom?The cold or seasonal sunroom serves as prolongation of the season until late autumn. The complex technical solution of thermal bridges is not solved. Nevertheless, you can use these sunrooms even in the winter months. All you have to do is to buy suitable accessories for the interior. It is mainly heating.On the contrary, the warm or year-round sunroom is true to herself. This is a completely different type of construction than in the previous case. It is implemented considering compliance with thermal bridges, which prevent the transfer of heat from the exterior to the interior. These are, for example, extensions to fully living rooms, bedrooms, and so on.What about ventilation?Each customer can choose which walls they want to open. We can create full-fledged sliding walls around the entire perimeter of the garden. Or you can have only a part of them openable. Everything is at the request of the new owner.What about the assembly of the sunroom?The installation will be carried out by our professionals. The assembly takes 20% of the total price.

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