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Solar Shower with feet SPRING blue rinse

Solar shower Italian manufacturer Formidra SPRING rinsing with his feet in a curved design and a unique design inspired by the larger sister DADA. It is also made from aluminum, only in smaller size.

Self-supporting shower is designed as both a 30-liter water tank as well as a solar collector which to heat water using solar energy. The heating is thus completely free. Installation is easy and can be performed by the end user. Solar shower way how to snap the screws to the floor with anchors, which are part of the package and connect your garden hose. We recommend placing the shower in the garden, where the majority of direct sunlight, which reduces the time needed to heat the water.

Simple and elegant design solar showers Formidra will decorate a variety of facilities, whether in the public sphere, in hotels or tourist resorts on the beaches and in the private gardens and outdoor pools.


  • mixer hot and cold water
  • aluminum body
  • shower head in chrome
  • faucet used to rinse feet (control and tap - both in chrome)
  • hose connection using the side of the valve
  • capacity 30 liters of water
  • Height 224 cm
  • width 26 cm
  • depth 12 cm
  • total weight 15 kg
  • color: blue
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