Sliding roof of the terrace

Do you want to stay on the terrace all year round? The sliding roof of the terrace is right for you. Allows any opening of space, choice of wall and decoration material. And provides an ideal place to sit and relax. Choose from several sizes of roofing terraces - price list of individual dimensions, transport and assembly in detail of the product.

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SaleBestsellersOPENSPACE, sliding roof 6x3 m, exhibition
18 332 GBP 11 186 GBP
BestsellersGift for freeOne Trade® MINI, sliding roof
9 126 GBP 7 118 GBP
BestsellersGift for freeOne Trade® IDEAL 6,8x3 m, sliding roof
11 462 GBP 8 941 GBP
BestsellersGift for freeOne Trade® IDEAL 6,8x3,5 m, sliding roof
13 355 GBP 8 827 GBP
BestsellersShowroomGift for freeZANIA, with glass in frame, custom production
9 445 GBP 7 394 GBP
BestsellersShowroomOPENSPACE, with glass without frame
9 054 GBP 8 148 GBP