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Mobile homes for permanent housing

Looking for old plastic "houses" imported from recreation centers in Holland or England?
You'll look in vain, because these products do not find in our offer. 

We supply only the best manufacturers for products in our climatic conditions. We offer several types of construction technology, design and price range. You have the houses of the panel system manufacturer Kingspan sandwich Trade System One or precast concrete German manufacturer Rekers. The choice is up to you. 

Mobile buildings and homes are designed for a wide range of applications - permanent housing, recreation buildings, manufacturing and office space, sports and warehouses etc. Clearly the biggest advantage of mobile structures is quick possibility of their relocation, installation. 

Use misleading discounts up to 31%.

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Our goal is to provide you with a full range of options available quality solutions across the segment for home and garden Rocio with a turnover of over 500 mil. CZK. At the same time as one of the few showcasing best-selling selected products with their own eyes, and compare them in the biggest showroom - located just 2km from Říčany. All products can be conveniently purchased through this e-shop

Selected products are delivered with turnkey assembly. All assembly operations exclusively via our employees, not only in the whole country, but also throughout the territory of Slovakia. More on Choose products from global manufacturers from Japan, USA, Israel, Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Turkey and Poland. A selective private label One Trade®.
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