Elpumps VP 300 deepwater submersible pumps for wells and boreholes with 20 m cable

Elpumps VP 300 deepwater submersible pumps for wells and boreholes with 20 m cable

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VP 300 - deepwater submersible pumps for wells and boreholes with 20 m cable
  • If the water level in the well is less than 9 m, it is necessary to use a well pump. Professional deep well pumps ELPUMPS can satisfy the diverse needs of customers. From economical and very popular series VP 300, where the main criterion excellent price, up to models with engine 1800 W and a transport height of 80 m. For customers who have a narrower holes (95 mm) model is available 18/3 BP and BP 3/3 with narrower diameter. Model BP fourth turn is constructed into the wells with a higher content of sand in the water. Casing made of stainless steel, quality materials and top impellers engines guarantee a long service life. BP models of the course consists of two parts (hydraulic motor), which not only greatly facilitates any service work, but with serious damage to the pump just enough to replace the damaged part and not the whole machine. Solid cast iron lugs are then used to reliably secure the machine in a well. As accessory can be ordered hydrokontrolu DSK 10th
  • Model CT 68760 again perfectly suited to traditional dug wells or reservoirs. In its category, it is the top model with high blood pressure at the exit, so he does not make the problem even connect to devices with multiple outputs (eg. Irrigation system). Already in the standard also includes a float switch that protects him when the level of water.
Possibilities of use:
  • Pumping clean water from wells, reservoirs.
  • Supplying huts and houses with water.
  • Supplying irrigation systems, lawn sprinklers, washing systems and other water-pressure systems.
  • Unlike similar competition model VP300 has up to twice the wall thickness made of aluminum (not plastic) and the target storage system vibrating diaphragm pump ensuring long life. Other models Elpumps have a coat of quality European stainless steel (not from ordinary steel, as is usual), ensuring pump long life, easy maintenance and perfect appearance. Model BP 1.4 and 3.3 has a brass impeller durable even in water with a higher content of sand. Other BP Series models have multi-step system of impellers - 10, 14 and 18 degrees according to the model designation. The shafts are sealed professional double seal, which consists of a spring seal and ceramic-silicon gasket.
  • All models in the BP consist of two parts, separated by inoxovým filter. Motor part with cable and a standard electrical box is then separated from the hydraulic part. This greatly simplifies any maintenance work and cost savings for the user in the event that one of the parts is irreversibly damaged and must be replaced. The motor is protected by a thermal fuse and in case of blockage of impellers and overcurrent protection.
  • The CT 68760 has an outlet at the bottom so that water does not flow, such as competitive models around the motor (which is then in the penetration of water destroys). With stainless steel shaft with an axial ceramic-silicon gasket, durable double-sided impeller of brass and the pump body also made of stainless steel, the pump has a durable and virtually maintenance free.


Power Consumption (W)300
engine type230V, 50Hz
Max. Pump capacity (l / h)1440
Max. Transport height (m)60
Max. amount of suspended solids (mg / m3)25
Max. Pressure (bar)6
Thread Diameter ( '')1/2 (internal. Dia. 17 mm)
Cable Length (m)20
cablingH05 RNF 3 x 0.75 mm2
Max. medium temperature (° C)35
Weight (kg):5.00

Wide range of well pumps, please Hobbytec.cz/hlubinna-cerpadla
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