MagazínWe are getting a new pergola

Nature wakes up after winter's sleep, and many of them are considering taking a pergola during the spring cleaning of their gardens.


Why buy a garden pergola?

Having a pergola in your family house offers plenty of benefits. We will use it for sitting with friends at barbecue, it is practical for the year-round setting of garden furniture, but also a simple storage box. If we want to use the pergola even in cooler days, it is enough to get a garden heating and the thermal comfort is ensured. In the hot days, sitting in the pergola shading technique will make us more pleasant. With the pergola, we will definitely extend the time we spend in the garden, surrounded by a pleasant environment.

Self-assembled pergola or pergola?

A good doodle is likely to be able to make a pergola himself, but the pergola does not consist only in its production. With the pergola, we have to ask a number of questions.

● Pergola to the wall? Will pergola be part of the house?
● Separate pergola? Will the pergola become a solitaire in the garden? Which place to choose pergola?
● Wooden pergola? Aluminum pergola? What material is most suited to the type of house, garden?
● Roofing? Will the pergola be firmly roofed or will we use the comfort of the awning?

If you know the answers to these questions, you can start planning the project, purchasing materials, preparing, manufacturing and assembly itself. However, if you do not know about any of the above steps, it is wise to have experts in the hands of experienced, high-quality, reasonably priced and guaranteed turnkey pergolas, from project to assembly.

The pergolas, which are supplied on a turnkey basis, have countless variants. However, a pergola made according to the individual needs of the customer can be purchased.