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Are you still sitting on the terrace of winter? Heaters can help you.

April 13, 2017
Are you still sitting on the terrace of winter? Heaters can help you.


Extra living space

Love sitting on the patio? Using it as an additional living space? Warm days with us too not so simple heaters will make your stay even on colder days. There are many options, how to heat your patio. It is appropriate to consider also the roof terrace, which also protects against rain and wind.

Outdoor radiant heaters

Outdoor radiant heaters are able to diffuse heat to several meters. Modern heaters to set the direction of air flow. Radiation of these heaters is very nice, reminiscent of the sun. Warm air, but the objects around you. They then accumulate heat and return to the area of ​​the terrace. You can choose from gas or electric models.

Infrared heaters

Very popular are radiators which also operate on the principle of radiation. Immediately terrace is heated. Electric infrared heaters require electrical connection, therefore to remember when selecting them. Infrared heaters are portable or you can on the terrace or in the garden built firmly. You can also take a stand for radiators that will keep even the wind in its place.

Garden fireplace

Heat will give you also a garden fireplace. Modern fireplace are just a stones around the middle of the lawn and a burn hole. On the contrary, the unique design features of non-flammable materials. You can choose a fireplace in the shape of balls, towers, pyramids or other shapes. It not only generates heat, but also you can on them, for example, roast sausages. The fire, always keep out of reach of children. Pay attention to safety and leave the heater unattended when turned on.