MagazínSeries - Winter Garden: Moisture in the winter garden

Adequate moisture is desirable in the winter garden. Humidity is determined by the content of water vapor contained in the air. Their numbers, however, is highly variable and dependent on many other factors.

Adequate moisture is desired in the conservatory. Water content is determined by the water vapor contained in the air. Their number is very variable and depends on many other factors.


Maximum relative humidity

Maximum moisture content expresses the largest amount of water and air at a certain temperature, is able to hold gas. It is essentially the maximum water content in the air. relative humidity is directly proportional to the air temperature in the room. This means that the humidity is reduced each time the temperature increases.

And maximum relative humidity

Humidity Meaning

A layman would say that the high humidity in the winter garden is beneficial, but not so.
More stable temperature conditions in the greenhouse will be less problems with humidity. If the winter garden is subject to fluctuations at high temperatures can be expected with high humidity. To maintain a stable microclimate conservatory is necessary due to a number of technical and design.


What affects the microclimate of winter garden

Microclimate outside in the garden is closely connected with the outdoor environment. Other factors include the orientation of the conservatory at the end of the world, its shape and continuity of the garden into the living space. If you are planning a winter garden in a new, long-term plan humidity. It may take many months for the whole building thoroughly dried and climate stabilizes.

Recommended humidity in the winter garden

Moisture in the winter garden depends on its intended use. If we only use the garden for planting should be optimum humidity range of 70-90%. However, if one has to stay should not exceed 65% humidity. If the winter garden completely part of the living room is desirable to reduce the moisture content of about 40-55%. High humidity has a high risk of undesirable molds.


Which increases the humidity?

The more plants in the conservatory, the more, the more moisture. This further increases the moisture baths, fountains. It is therefore necessary to regularly ventilate the garden or use the air conditioner. The ideal is a combination of both. Air conditioning should be part of the project documentation conservatories.