MagazínCleaning the greenhouse after the season

If after the season we dedicate enough care to the greenhouse, we have been paid for in the spring.

If after the season we dedicate enough care to the greenhouse, we have been paid for in the spring.


Winter, rest period

In autumn, after harvesting, it is advisable to prepare the greenhouse for a rest period. However, correct and consistent care for the greenhouse will increase soil fertility. It is therefore advisable to be prepared in advance for the spring months and to eliminate possible diseases and pests and thus prepare the greenhouse for the next, certainly fertile season.

The glasshouse after the season

Soil the soil in the greenhouse and remove the remains of the plants. Ideal for removing debris is the compost, which works even for us in the winter months and prepares us for the ideal spring fertilizer. Sprinkle the soil in the greenhouse with nitrogen lime, which is incorporated in the soil so that it can be disinfected during the winter months.

Why use nitrogen lime in autumn?

Nitrogen lime soil not only sanitizes and destroys the eggs of snails, but destroys virtually everything. Seeds of diseases, insects, but also seeds and young germinating plants. Therefore it is necessary to leave the soil for at least 3 weeks after the application of nitrogen lime. If the process in the greenhouse, but also on the flower bed, is done in the spring, we need to prepare for three weeks of plant protection periods. And that's a shame. In winter application, we do not have to fight time and threaten young plants.

Autumn fertilization

In autumn, the soil is thoroughly grown and harvested with cow manure. We do not have to look for it. Clay manure, suitable for greenhouses and foliar crops, is produced in granular form, so its application is very convenient. We can forget the fork and the garden wheel. The granulate is simply poured on the soil and processed by rakes.

Spring finishing

We treated the soil during the autumn and worked for us in the winter. Now we have a good and healthy substrate in the greenhouse, ready for growing a variety of crops. We need to clean the walls of the greenhouse before we proceed to betting. Whether glass or polycarbonate walls. We clean them mechanically, soapy water and we're done. After planting, adequate irrigation and fertilizing, we can look forward to harvesting.