Magazín5 majormistakes in lawn care

Beautiful lawn requires proper care. What are the most common mistakes?

Beautiful lawn requires proper care. What are the most common mistakes?


Poorly selected first seed

The main fault during maintenance lawn in the garden already occurs at the time of purchase itself. In the market you can find a plethora of seeds and varieties. Each type is suited to a different type of lawn. On the football field you can not give ordinary seed.

Absence second irrigation

People often make the mistake that let the grass grow freely. This is a huge mistake. Grass grows well, but when they come dry and warm days, you need to start with irrigation. The grass to be watered evenly and over its entire area.

Watering third in direct sunlight

Many people watering the lawn on hot days in direct sunlight. The applied water attracts the sun's rays and grass can be burned by the sun. The result is unsightly yellow stains.

Excessive shortening of the fourth stand

The quality and appearance of the lawn is also affected by the hacking. The correct height of the grass should be 3-4 cm. The cutting should be after it reaches a height of 8 cm. In the summer, let the grass grow taller, better moisture accumulates and there is no burning.

Lack of nutrients

In addition to proper watering your lawn needs well enough nutrients. Regular mowing preparing him for nutrients, so they must be accompanied by an appropriate fertilizer. Perform first fertilizing in the spring, it's time for another fertilizing in the summer. With a choice of fertilizer should help. The solution is also a mower that mulches the grass, and after she mows her lawn parted after thus naturally fertilize the lawn.
Lawn requires the same care as other kinds of plants in the garden. With proper care, will reward you with a beautiful green area.