ANNUAL MOBILE HOUSE II 36 m², exhibition piece

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The mobile home for year-round use is made up of two modules of the German manufacturer Rekers. The modules are insulated, they have insulating triple glazing. The building has a flat roof roof, but it can be additionally added on request with a saddle roof. The house features outdoor blinds to ensure home security in a secluded spot. The house is heated with pellet stoves in combination with infrapanels. Internal layout can be customized, ie building a toilet, kitchen, etc. 

We recommend - possibility of immediate withdrawal. Exhibition discount 270.000, - CZK!

With precast concrete from German Rekers GmbH , which we are exclusive suppliers, we can build your mobile home or mobile office quickly and easily. Whether you have any idea of the dimensions, the location of the doors and windows, we will playfully fulfill your requirements. The advantage of mobile homes for year-round use of concrete modules is the easy migration anywhere in the Czech Republic.

Mobile homes for year-round use made of precast concrete have excellent insulation properties thanks to an insulating 100 mm layer of self-extinguishing polystyrene and windows and doors with triple glazing. The advantage of mobile modular houses is the easy expansion of the building . There are basically no restrictions on how to construct a large building from the concrete modules. The only limit is the maximum size of one module, which is limited by road transport options. Thanks to the solid steel construction on which individual prefabricated components are installed, the transport is completely trouble free.
We will build a mobile home for year-round use from concrete prefabricated buildings in very good weather conditions. No wet processes are used in the construction, there is no need to wait for freezing of foundations and the like. The foundation passes in the front and the rear are sufficient for laying the structure . If you want to do the door, window, electrical and water distribution, etc., If you want, we will equip you with a bathroom with a toilet, a shower, a sink and a boiler. 
For delivery, it is necessary to have access to heavy machinery in the form of a transport vehicle and a construction crane. The price is without shipping. The shipping cost is determined by mileage.


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