Want to enjoy your outdoor seating even in the rain? So it's got to have a pergola! Modern aluminum structures with polycarbonate roofing are the right solution for outdoor sitting or car roofing . Polycarbonate floor coverings are maintenance-free with a long service life. You can choose from a wide range of standardized variants, but we will also make your pergola tailor-made. Thanks to polycarbonate roofing we can offer you greater variability in dimensions and shapes.

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POLLARD aluminum pergolaAluminum pergola with polycarbonate, quality construction and effective UV filterPrice from: 1 571 GBP2 708 GBPPOLLUX aluminum pergola with glassAluminum pergola with safety glass, high durability, own productionPrice from: 2 228 GBP4 454 GBPHAWAII 40 CUBO aluminum pergolaModern design aluminum pergola, option of adding glass wallsPrice from: 5 547 GBP8 804 GBPHAWAII 40 PURE aluminum pergolaQuality aluminum pergola for demanding customers, Swiss qualityPrice from: 1 424 GBP2 260 GBPTUSCANY modular pergolaAluminum pergola of modular type, self-assemblyPrice from: 782 GBP1 362 GBPTF aluminum pergolaAluminum pergola with safety glass, ideal as a terrace roofPrice from: 1 353 GBP2 459 GBPPJR aluminum pergolaJapanese quality aluminum pergola with shielding, certified materialPrice from: 1 670 GBP2 114 GBPPJF aluminum pergolaAluminum pergola for multifunctional use, 10-year warranty, easy maintenance and high durabilityPrice from: 2 545 GBP3 914 GBPMLR, pergolaPrice from: 3 474 GBP4 397 GBPPJR terrace roofingAluminum pergola with UV filter, insulating properties, multifunctional usePrice from: 3 093 GBP3 914 GBPTF, with acrylic glassPrice from: 1 353 GBP2 459 GBPDESIGN PJR 5,4x5,1 mPrice from: 4 878 GBP7 636 GBPPOLLARD XXL aluminum pergolaRobust aluminum pergola, own productionPrice from: 3 559 GBP5 648 GBPPOLLEX self-supporting aluminum pergolaElegant aluminum pergola of our own production, with no need of anchoringPrice from: 2 067 GBP3 280 GBPFERI modular pergolaAluminum pergola of modular type, self-assemblyPrice from: 847 GBP1 607 GBPKS aluminum pergolaAluminum construction, ideal for commercial and private use, custom manufacturingPrice from: 1 540 GBP1 949 GBPMLC aluminum pergolaJapanese quality aluminum pergola with shielding, sophisticated designPrice from: 2 731 GBP3 457 GBPPERGOLA PJR XXL 5,7x6 mPrice from: 9 849 GBPPOLLARD side wall for pergolaAccessory for POLLARD aluminum pergola, polycarbonate, high impact resistancePrice from: 1 044 GBPSMILE, with front wallPrice from: 3 977 GBP

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