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About us

With the sale we started in 2012 as a Czech family company with a simple but clear goal - to provide customers only top quality products and professional services at reasonable prices. It turned out that it was the right decision. 
Through dealership we have in 2013 also we extended the scope to Slovakia. Selected products are imported directly from manufacturers around the world. Since 2013, we selected products under our own registered trademark One Trade®.  

Our goal is to provide you with a full range of options available quality solutions across the segment for house and garden with an annual turnover of over 500 million, - CZK in Central and Eastern Europe. 

We supply custom-tailored products (garages, pergolas, sheds, conservatories, etc.), and the "box" finished products of world products that we stock for immediate delivery. Custom products are supplied including turnkey assembly throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic, Germany and Austria. In the Czech Republic we provide preparatory or finishing works. Deliveries outside these countries we can provide to agreement. Currently we are looking for suitable business partners for the following foreign markets: Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and France. 

At the same time one of the few showcasing best-selling selected products with their own eyes, and compare them in our showrooms and sales centers. We run the largest demonstration center in the Czech Republic - located just 2km from Říčany.  Furthermore, we are looking for suitable locations for further demonstration centers in Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava and Vienna. 
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Milestones of our history and our development. 

2012 - Opening of business, or acquire exclusive ochodního represented by world producers.
2013 - Opening of the demonstration center and start selling to the Slovak Office through its own company. 
2014 - Registration of private labels One Trade®. Start selling selected products to major retail chains.
2015 - Significant increase in turnover compared to the previous year. Running shop
Extend the range of products on offer more than 10 thousand. items. An increase in inventories and a strengthening of the sales team.
Running shop in the Slovak version preparing the Polish version .
Completion of construction of the new facilities of the company. Creating a new mascot and new redesing our projects.

I am often asked: How is it possible that you thrive at this time? What makes you different from others?

Our effort is to ensure comprehensiveness and quality of services provided. We offer products of world and domestic producers across the segment of the cheapest products, at a price of several thousand crowns to premium products manufacturers in the world. Selected products are supplied throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including installation work on a turnkey basis. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our set of services based on your needs and wishes. Constantly expanding range of products and proactively adjust our services to your requirements. Promote among competitors from whom we differ join forces to experts, real and functional vision and overall quality of service set. Thanks to our association with the best partners to become leaders in what we do. Selected products are sold under the trademark One Trade®. That is the concept of our company.

Miroslav Green - CEO