About us

We started selling in 2012 as a purely Czech family company with a simple but clear goal - to deliver customers with top-quality products and professional services at favorable prices. It turned out that it was the right decision. 
Through our agency, we have extended our reach to Slovakia in 2013 as well. Selected products are imported directly from manufacturers around the world. From 2013, we offer selected products under our own registered trademark One Trade®.  

Our goal is to provide you with a full range of all available high-quality solutions across the entire home and garden segment with annual sales of over $ 500,000,000 in Central and Eastern Europe. 

We supply custom custom products (prefabricated houses, wooden buildings, shelters, conservatories, garages, pergolas, etc.) as well as "boxed" finished products of the world's products that we have stock immediately available. We supply turnkey products including turnkey assembly all over the Czech and Slovak Republics, Germany and Austria. We provide preparatory or finishing works within the Czech Republic. Deliveries outside of these countries are guaranteed by prior agreement. We are currently looking for suitable business partners for these foreign markets: Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and France. 

At the same time, as one of the few, we are able to view the best-selling selected products with our own eyes and compare them in our showrooms and sales outlets. We run the largest demonstration centers in the Czech Republic - located near Prague, Brno and Hradec Králové. All products can be conveniently purchased through this e-shop Hobbytec.cz

Milestones of our history and our development. 

  • 2012 - Commencement of business activity, acquisition of exclusive or representative representation of world producers of companies.
  • 2013 - Opening of the demonstration center in Tehovec near Říčany and launch of sales in Slovakia through its own company Hobbytec SK sro 
  • 2014 - Registration of the One Trade® brand. Start selling selected products to the largest retail chains.
  • 2015 - Significant growth in turnover over the previous year. Launch of eshop www.hobbytec.cz Extension of the offer of products, offering more than 10 thous. items. Increase inventory stock and strengthen business team. Starting the eshop in the Slovak version of www.hobbytec.sk , completing the Polish version of www.hobbytec.pl Completing the construction of a new company background. Creating a new mascot and new redesing of our projects.
  • 2016 - Opening of the second demonstration center in Hradec Králové. Extending storage space to more than 3000 m2. Launch of the eshop in the English, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian and Slovenian versions. 
  • 2017 - Opening of the third demonstration center in Brno. Start of the construction of prefabricated and mobile homes under the private label Hobbytec Home. Starting a new CRM for inventory management and order management. 

I often get the question: How is it possible that you are doing well at this time? What do you differ from others?

Our efforts are to ensure the complexity and quality of the services provided. In our offer, products from both the world and the domestic producers across the entire segment are from the cheapest products, in the price range of several thousand crowns to the premium products of the world producers. Selected products are delivered throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia including turnkey assembly operations.

We are constantly trying to increase the quality of our services based on your requirements and wishes. We continuously expand our product range and proactively adapt our services to your requirements. Promoting between competitors, from which we differ in the pool of experts, the real and functional vision and the overall quality of the set services. Thanks to our association with the best partners, we become leaders in what we do. Selected products are marketed under the trademark One Trade®. This is the concept of our society.

Miroslav Zelený - executive of the company